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Whether conducting research, teaching students or conducting general business, faculty and staff members are committed to the success of our students. To help our faculty and staff meet that important mission, the University remains steadfast in finding new and innovative ways to promote the success and professional growth of our values faculty and staff.

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Anatomy & Neurobiology, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6636
Email: dheeter@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/an

Academic Affairs, Division of

Phone: 330.325.6258
Email: dloyet@neomed.edu

Academic Services, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6349
Email: trobinson@neomed.edu

Academic Technology Services, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6796
Email: media@neomed.edu
*Intranet: Academic Technology

Accounting & Purchasing

Phone: 330.325.6399
*Intranet: Accounting and Purchasing

Administration & Finance, Division of

Website: www.neomed.edu/af


Phone: 330.325.6270 or 800.686.2511
Website: www.neomed.edu/admissions

Advancement, Division of

Phone: 330.325.6671
Email: landerson1@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/give

Alumni Relations, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6671
Email: alumnioffice@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/alumni

Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Phone: 330.325.6584
Email: dmead@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/ahec

Assessment, Office of – College of Pharmacy

Phone: 330.325.6575
Email: copassessment@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/pharmacy/assessment

Auxiliary Services

Phone: 330.325.6855
Email: ddonzella@neomed.edu

BeST Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) Center

Phone: 330.325.6695
Email: bestcenter@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/bestcenter

Bio-Med Science Academy

Phone: 330.325.6186
Email: info@biomedscienceacademy.org
Website: biomedscienceacademy.org

Blue Fund

Phone: 330.325.6663
Email: ceynon@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/give/bluefund/

Board of Trustees

Phone: 330.325.6263
Email: mmulhern@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/about/university-leadership/board-of-trustees

Body Donation Program

Phone: 330.325.6317
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/about/body-donation-program/

Bookstore, The Nook

Phone: 330.325.6551
Email: ckovacich@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/bookstore


Phone: 330.325.6728
*Intranet: Budget and Business


Phone: 330.325.6369
Email: jkovach1@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/bursar

Business Strategy, Innovation & Purchasing

Phone: 330.325.6243
Email: jwagner@neomed.edu

Campus Operations

Phone: 330.325.6193
Email: tmeffert@neomed.edu

Career Center

Website: www.neomed.edu/careercenter

Comparative Medicine Unit (CMU)

Phone: 330.325.6558
Email: sdannemiller@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/cmu

Conference Services

Phone: 330.325.6855
Email: ddonzella@neomed.edu
Conference Services

Continuing Professional Development, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6460
Email: wwithey@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/academics/continuing-education/


Phone: 330.325.6671
Email: landerson1@neomed.edu

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6733
Email: diversity@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/diversity

Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety, Office of

*Intranet: Environmental & Occcupational Health & Safety

External Affairs, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6344
Email: afilippi@neomed.edu

Faculty Relations & Professional Development, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6817
Email: facultyrelations@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/facultyrelations
*Intranet: Faculty Relations

Family & Community Medicine, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6670
Email: jef@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/fcm

Financial Aid, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6481
Email: finaid@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/financialaid
*Intranet: Financial Aid

General Counsel, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6354
Email: lnoland@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/generalcounsel

Global Engagement, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6184
Email: vtorres@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/global

Graduate Studies, College of

Phone: 330.325.6499
Email: nhose@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/graduatestudies

Health Affairs

Email: emurphy1@neomed.edu

Human Resources, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6729
Email: hroffice@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/hr
*Intranet: Human Resources

Information Technology (IT), Office of

Phone: 330.325.6911
Email: help@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/Home/
*Intranet: Information Technology

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Phone: 330.325.6558
Email: sdannemiller@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/iacuc

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Phone: 330.325.6364
Email: paw@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/ibc

Institutional Research, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6333
Email: mkokinov@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/ir

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Phone: 330.325.6364
Email: paw@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/irb

Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS), Department of

Phone: 330.325.6436
Email: iciccozzi@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/ims

Interprofessional Education Services

Phone: 330.325.6734
Email: konen@neomed.edu

Internal Medicine, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6458
Email: mkshipp@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/internalmedicine


Phone: 330.325.6600
Email: library@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/library

Learning Center

Phone: 330.325.6758
Email: ctheissen@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/learningcenter

Marketing & Communications, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6618
Email: marcom@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/marcom
Marketing & Communications

Medicine, College of

Phone: 330.325.6311
Email: jlint@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine

NEOMED Foundation

Phone: 330.325.6261
Email: dblain@neomed.edu
Website: neomed.edu/give/neomed-foundation

Ombuds, Office of the

Confidential Voice Mail/Mobile: 330.281.0339
Website: www.neomed.edu/ombuds

President, Office of the

Phone: 330.325.6252
Email: president@neomed.edu

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6689
Email: charris1@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/pharmacy/pharmsci

Pharmacy, College of

Phone: 330.325.6446
Email: kkennedy1@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/pharmacy

Pharmacy Practice, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6390
Email:  ppfeifer@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/pharmacy/pharmacypractice

Police Department

Phone: 330.325.6489
Email: police@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/police

Printing Services

Phone: 330.325.6385
Email: printingservices@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/printing

Psychiatry, Department of

Phone: 330.325.6690
Email: dmcconne@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/medicine/psychiatry

Public Safety & Security

Phone: 330.325.6489
Email: police@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/police
*Intranet: Public Safety

Radiation & Laser Safety Committee (RLSC)

Phone: 330.325.6364
Email: paw@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/rlsc


Phone: 330.325.6478
Email: registrar@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/registrar
*Intranet: Registrar

REDIzone®, The

Phone: 330.325.6218
Email: ereed@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/redizone

Research & Sponsored Programs, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6499
Email: nhose@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/orsp
*Intranet: Research and Sponsored Programs

Retirees Association of NEOMED (R.A.N.)

Website: www.neomed.edu/ran

Sequoia Wellness

Phone: 330.325.6102
Website: sequoia-wellness.com

Student Services, Office of

Phone: 330.325.6735
Email: studentaffairs@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/studentservices/

Student Wellness & Counseling Services, Center for

Phone: 330.325.6484
Email: jdougall@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/cswc

Social Media

Phone: 330.325.6624
Email: social@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/social


Phone: 330.325.7171

Village at NEOMED, The

Phone: 330.422.4200
Email: info@thevillageatneomed.com
Website: thevillageatneomed.com

Wasson Center for Clinical Skills, The

Phone: 330.325.6745
Email: twhite2@neomed.edu
Website: www.neomed.edu/wasson


Main Campus
Phone: 800.686.2511
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