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Graduate school admissions at NEOMED

Graduate programs at NEOMED are designed to enhance the critical thinking, curiosity and innovation of scientists, researchers, teachers, community leaders and practitioners who apply these skills to bring about positive change in health care.

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Graduate programs for Critical Thinkers, Innovators & Community Leaders

The College of Graduate studies offers master’s and doctoral degree programs, and graduate certificate programs through the University and in partnership with our partners.

Biomedial Sciences

M.S or Ph.D.

In partnership with Kent State University, the biomedical sciences graduate degree program is designed to promote research and education in the biomedical disciplines. Individuals in the program have the opportunity to carry out their research with scientists at NEOMED. Faculty research focuses on most aspects of biomedicine ranging from molecular, to cellular and organismal levels of biological organization.

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Health-System Pharmacy Administration

M.S, two tracks

Students build on clinical competence to develop administrative, financial and leadership skills related to health-system administration, which will enable them to manage complex health-system pharmacy departments at the institutional and department levels. The M.S. degree only track provides flexibility and may be completed in two to four years. The combined M.S. degree/residency program requires a concurrent two-year specialized residency in pharmacy administration.

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Denise Inman working with a student in her lab

Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine

M.S. or Ph.D.

This program is designed to educate and develop students into leading independent scientists and scholars who can effectively pursue career opportunities in academia, industries, health care, and government agencies. Students are trained through an integrated curriculum with a unique perspective on disease mechanisms and targets for therapeutic interventions in one of six focus areas. Dual Doctoral degrees — M.D./Ph.D. or Pharm.D./ Ph.D., are also offered.

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Medical Ethics & Humanities

M.A., two Tracks

Students begin the program by building a foundation in the medical humanities with theoretical perspectives in ethics. This foundation gives students the tools to critically examine issues and values relevant to health care delivery, research, and the health care organization, as well as the ability to self-reflect, addressing biases and recognizing different viewpoints.

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This program is designed to train the next generation of anatomists and anatomy educators. The program provides a high volume of hands-on experience in a research setting and the opportunity to work and learn as part of an interprofessional team with health care professionals. There are two tracks: Master (one year) and M.S. (two year).

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Public Health


This program provides graduates with a foundation of public health skills and knowledge, including analytic skills, research strategies, community assessment methods, program implementation, evaluation, and policy development within an ethical and culturally sensitive perspective. The traditional program is geared toward the working professional who would like to broaden their role in improving community health, enhance current job skills, or seek career advancement.

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Graduate School Admissions

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