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College of Medicine Thanked for Act of Kindness During COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 began to spread in Ohio, third-year College of Medicine student Alexis Schweibinz knew she had to do something to help others in her community. Schweibinz wanted to protect those who were especially vulnerable to COVID-19, so she began purchasing groceries and delivering them to elderly and high-risk individuals.

Schweibinz never expected any type of recognition for her actions – she simply wanted others to be able to stay safely at home and avoid the danger of venturing out for necessities during the pandemic. However, on May 15 she received a handmade red rosary (a string of prayer beads used in the Catholic faith) with a note from one of the senior citizens to whom she had been delivering groceries. The note read:


Thank you very much for going to Giant Eagle and buying groceries, etc.

Many blessings,

Jean Roth

This thank-you gift and note reminded Schweibinz of how taking time to help others can have a significant impact.